Hawai‘i Heritage & Hospitality Forum
October 31, 2014
Hawai‘i Convention Center

Program and Schedule

7:30 – 8:30


Concourse in front of Room 312/Ni‘ihau


Continental Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall

Room 313/O‘ahu

Sponsored by Pacific Islands Institute


8:30 – 9:15

Opening Session

Room 311/Kaua‘i


Oli Aloha


Kiersten Faulkner, Historic Hawai‘i Foundation

Michael McCartney, Hawai‘i Tourism Authority

Aaron Sala, Hawai‘i Tourism Authority


Plenary Session: What is Heritage Tourism and Who is the Heritage Tourist?

Speaker: Andrew Witt


9:20 – 10:15

Concurrent Educational Sessions

A-1: The Rise of the Heritage Tourist: Why Suntans and Mai Tais are No Longer Enough

Room 304/Manoa

Tourist industry experts weigh in on the increase of heritage tourists and what differentiates them from the average Hawai‘i visitor.

Speakers: Jerry Agrusa and Frank Haas

Moderator: Brian Lynx


A-2: Make Your Heritage Site Stand Out: How to Navigate the Tourism Industry

Room 306/Palolo

It takes more than shelling out scarce funds to attract tourists to your heritage site; industry experts share strategies to attract visitors to your site.

Speakers: Pam Davis and Damon Fairchild

Moderator: Karen Hughes


10:15 – 10:45

Midmorning Break

Refreshments in the Exhibit Hall

Room 313/O‘ahu

Sponsored by Roberts Hawai‘i


10:45 – 11:40

Concurrent Educational Sessions

B-1: Great Expectations: What the Heritage Tourist is Looking For

Room 304/Manoa

What types of experiences and opportunities are heritage tourists looking for in Hawai‘i and the Pacific? Different perspectives on what experiences heritage tourists are seeking and how their expectations are being met are shared in this session

Speakers: Lynn Cook and Andrew Lockwood

Moderator: Mike Story


B-2: Creating a Great Heritage Site Experience

Room 306/Palolo

As visitors become more sophisticated, it may be time to refresh your operation. Experts provide tips on customer service and interpretive planning for heritage sites.

Speakers: Burl Burlingame and Heather Diamond

Moderator: Thomas Woods


11:45 – 12:30


Room 311/Kaua‘i

Exhibit Hall Open (closes at 12:15)

Room 313/O‘ahu


12:30 – 1:00

Keynote Presentation

Room 311/Kaua‘i

Speaker: Andrew Te Whaiti


1:15 – 2:10

Concurrent Education Sessions

C-1: The Bottom Line: How Cultural Experiences Increase Tourism Dollars

Room 304/Manoa

Case Studies of extended stays and higher rates at hotels that cater to heritage tourists

Speakers: Danny Akaka, Jr. and Peter Shaindlin

Moderator: Frank Haas


C-2: Heritage Site Stewardship

Room 306/Palolo

The visitation that funds preservation efforts can also threaten historic integrity of heritage sites; experts in historic preservation provide guidance on how to ensure a balance between visitation and integrity of the site.

Speakers: Spencer Leineweber and Thomas Woods

Moderation: Megan Borthwick


2:15 – 3:00

Concluding Session

Room 311/Kaua‘i

Group Discussion: Putting the pieces together